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Saturday, 15 March 2014

When Menstruation Should Actively Shrink The Uterus - Fibroids Miracle

In myoma uterus increases and redistributes blood flow, changes the hormonal status of the local changes the physiology and anatomy of the entire body as a whole. On all nodes of uterine myometrium and hypertrophic, changes occur, similar changes in the pregnant uterus. Contractility body deteriorates.

When menstruation should actively shrink the uterus to decreased wound surface (ground endometrium), and changes in the uterus myoma this does not happen. As a result, patients with uterine myoma long and strong blood during menstruation and after menstruation note the "smearing" bleeding from the genital tract. Typically, this leads to chronic anemia, which affects the whole body: there is a weakness, fatigue, performance decreases nervous system (loss of memory, performance, irritability and tearfulness), hair and nails become brittle, and the skin-pale.
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 Compression of the nerve endings burgeoning uterus both in the womb and in the pelvis in general, leads to pain, problems in sexual life, disorders of pelvic organs. The urgency of this problem is caused by the fact that patients with uterine myoma constitute the bulk of the gynecological hospital, where they undergo multiple medical-diagnostic, surgical and influences, and in some cases, radical operations due to recurrent uterine bleeding, persistent pain syndrome, and compression of adjacent bodies.
There is also a close relationship between the problem of infertility and uterine cancer, and 20% of infertile women fibroids are the only pathology of the reproductive system.
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