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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Yoga Exercises Effective To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The following simple yoga exercises to help women get rid of this internal fat also reduces the risk of some chronic diseases.
The first exercise:
Method of exercise: Lie on your back and take a breath and then twelve left leg from the knee. The fingers together around the leg and the leg flexor leverage even touch your stomach. Lift up your head so that your nose touches your knee. The other leg must be kept straight. yourself. Go back to the original position and then deeply. Follow the same steps with the other leg.
Benefits of Exercise: These steps help to get rid of abdominal gas and reduce abdominal fat. It also increases the flexibility of the hips and knees.
Exercise period: half minutes for each leg
The second exercise:
Exercise way: Your forehead on the floor - and your hands under the shoulders. Lift your body up muscle strength back-to-back, with the lifting of the head to the top. Do not use your hands, but must remain on the ground or mounted on the back top of the hip.
Exercise period: half a minute.
Exercise III: Bow
Exercise way: On your stomach and then a national bend the knees and ankles hold your hands. Push your hands and pull your legs, knees, even with the inclusion of an arc is formed with an abdominal only on the ground. Look up.
Exercise benefits: reduce abdominal fat and relieves pressure on the spine because of the pressure on the nerves shoulder panels that reduce the circulation of blood. But when you are back to normal rush a larger amount of blood to those areas which increase the flexibility of the spinal cord and certainly raises vital.
Exercise period: half a minute
Exercise IV: Exercise way Sit on the rear with individual feet and lifting the arms above the head. Then bend fully so that the head is placed between the knees with hands gripping feet.
Exercise duration: two minutes
Exercise benefits: reduce abdominal fat and removes gases from the intestines and unappetizing.
Exercise V: Abdominal lift
Way Exercise: This exercise consists in fact of two different movements.
The first movement: Stand with feet to keep a distance between the legs and bend your knees slightly. Bending of the central region and put your hands above the knees. Deep breathing while highlighting the abdomen and then output the air with suction inside the abdomen. Do not try to take the same last contrary to pull your belly also inside until it becomes hollow shape and for ten seconds.
The second movement: a class the same steps as in the previous exercise, but instead of keeping the abdominal pumping, siphoning off national abdomen and highlighted ten times without taking the same again. After finishing to the normal position and breathe normally.

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