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Friday, 10 January 2014

Power for men and women leaner & bulkier

We urge you to start today "open" anabolic window of health with weight loss. We have no doubt those men very happy, while women rather pretty spooked.
But not bundle word anabolism with something forbidden or negative lovely lady, because only through anabolism you look beautiful, slim with minimal subcutaneous fat (under 20% of women and men under 15% fats). And you gentlemen will make you look more muscular and more powerful than ever before. Beauty and aesthetics of the characters have a common denominator - high muscle mass.
To have power (for men and women leaner bulkier) muscle, you must activate each other hormones that stimulate the growth of these muscles.

And this process can be started even if you are starving or food shortage. This means that probably everything especially men of muscle growth so far heard, it was the exact opposite (push himself to everything indiscriminately). Starvation or partial starvation is sending signals that the body perceives as catabolic. To compensate for the lack of food and protection against metabolic breakup, the body starts its own anabolic activity. It also naturally increases the body's ability to process protein and other nutrients in order to reap the maximum all the nutrients from the food minimum and just at the cellular level, these metabolic factors most strongly activated by starvation or partial starvation.

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