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Friday, 31 January 2014

Health Benefits Of Islands And Its Importance For Children

There are several health benefits and food of the islands, and children are more people need to get our nutrients all, and we highlight in this article on the importance of the introduction of the islands to the children's meals, it is rich in vitamin A in the body, a vitamin is responsible for strengthening the eyes of the child, in addition to his riches in vitamin B6 which plays an important role in protein metabolism within the body, and preserves the nutritional balance within the tissues, especially the liver, skin, central nervous system, which is available as vitamin C, which helps to build the tissues responsible for speeding up the healing process.
Details on:

So the feet of the islands to your child gradually, so start by giving the child the amount of a teaspoon of carrots, boiled and mashed first to discover the extent acceptable to the taste, is then gradually increase the quantity, and preferably prepare fresh carrots and boiled and then pureed and submit it to the child in order to be digested easily, and also to take advantage of the benefits that not available in canned foods, and you can make a carrot to your child's raw at the age of a year to be used as a means to put pressure on his gums in the teething stage, then can you adopt islands meal Snack important for older children from the age of two and above, where they can eat raw.
Notes on the provision of the islands for kids: Be careful not to peeling carrots in all ways to cook because a lot of the nutrients are concentrated in the crust, if the islands is very fresh prefers cut into circles before cooking, raw islands faster and easier to digest than cooked carrots, contrary to what people think Many of the people.

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