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Monday, 6 January 2014

Therapeutic Uses Massage with cold gloves

Be sure to go back to the sponge in the upper parts of the body to avoid chills (especially when you want to reduce a fever).
Once finished using the sponge, wrap a towel in the body, rubbing until dry. Shake the covers to cool them, put a light blanket over the body and take a nap.
 Massage with cold gloves
Therapeutic Uses
As a general tonic for people who frequently cools to reconstitute the physical force for bedridden patients to lower blood pressure for patients too weak to bathe, to stimulate circulation inactive.
This is a splendid bathroom debilitated or bedridden patients, since the use of rough friction materials and more cold water act as a tonic for the body. Use of this Toilet by area improves blood circulation, which in turn activates the process of internal self-healing.
Cover the body completely and expose only a small area at a time. Start the process lightly spraying your face with cold water.
For exceptionally old, weak or patients with heart problems, it is desirable to apply a cold compress on his head and an ice pack on the area of the heart.
This causes the flow to remain in other areas of the body.
You will need a pan with cold water, several towels, two gloves terry cloth and a hook for hanging towels. Put the gloves because the two simultaneous movements of friction increase tonic reaction. Soak the gloves in the pot of cold water and start making beats on his right arm, rubbing and washing at the same time. Once you've finished scrubbing, rubbing dry the area thoroughly.

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