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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stevia - Joey Atlas Review

Stevia is herb and diet, these are leaves of the stevia plant, a little shrub in the areas of the South America which have been consumed as both medicine for curing and sweetener as food since many moon ago. According to Joey Atlas, Stevia is about botany related to sunflowers and artichokes and medicinal herbs which also helps to eliminate Cellulite, for example yarrow (a flowering plant) and Echinacea.
•    Stevia ComponentsStevia also has fiber, protein, carb, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and chlorophyll. These can also be very helpful for the solution of the skin problems.
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•    Types of SteviaThere are four types of Stevia whole leaves, a green powder which is made from the leaves, a not-too-refined white powder and the component that makes stevia sweet as well as liquid stevia extract.
•    250 Times sweeter than sugar
About 40 years ago, it was feared that the artificial sweeteners perhaps become a cancer-causing but process for extracting the sweetened compounds from its leaves was developed by the scientists of Japan. Usually mentioned to as sugary herb from Paraguay, Joey Atlas; Stevia extract is also known Rebaudioside A is two hundred and fifty times sweeter rather than sugars and because of the research we come to know that it is really as brilliant among the herbs.
•    Stevia Juice
You can also squeeze it to have sweetest juice that will be healthy and has been proved for weight loss as well. There are also some flavored stevia extracts produced by companies, for examples, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate vanilla and root beer that may be a mixture with the sparkling water for making an instant refreshing and calorie free drink for your diet soda. In order to make beverages sweeter stevia is used.
•    Is Stevia really effective for weight loss?
Stevia should be used in eating because it can be really very effective to reduce you calories. In a Review on Truth about Cellulite, Joey Atlas said, You will not have to be concerned how much you are having and you can keep your sugar addiction alive. It has been admitted by doctors that stevia sure looks like a really delicious alternative of sweet beverages. It is a great aid to weight loss as well as weight management because it has no calories and research exposes that it greatly increases glucose tolerance besides inhibits glucose absorption. People who ingest stevia everyday frequently report a decrease in desire for sweets as well as fatty foods. It may also improve ingestion and stomach function, provides the relaxation upset stomachs, and help speed recovery from minor diseases.
•    Stevia for high blood pressure
As it has been discussed that stevia is a plant that contains natural sweeteners which are used in foods. From Joey Atlas, Researchers have also valued the effect of the chemicals in stevia on blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well. However, results of research have been mixed.
•    Is stevia safe or not?
Yes, stevia is really sage and healthy for you because it has no calories and reduces the fat from your body you can have it as a sweet because it is a great alternation sugar. You can enjoy the taste of this.
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