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Friday, 14 March 2014

Cellulite - Know Your Stages - Truth About Cellulite

Cellulite - Know Your STAGES and learn WHAT TO DO? Do not panic! Incidentally, a little is good yes, it may help in making this amazing ATTITUDE for BIG GHOST HAUNTING THE VAST MAJORITY OF WOMEN!

He so badly spoken "appearance of orange peel" (with dips and bumps) that insists on appearing at the most inconvenient situations such as a leg or a dress in time to "wear" a nice bikini, e.g. cross! Approximately 80-90% of cases usually begin in the post-pubertal period when estrogen levels rise to give aromas forms typical of a female body.
 Under the skin, the lymphocytes (fat cells) are stored separately from tissue compartments. These compartments are formed by vertical septa, small ligaments and connective tissue so they are inflexible.
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  Between lymphocytes run the vessels, the arteries that bring blood, oxygen and nutrients and veins that carry lymph and blood and products of metabolism back into the circulation in a continuous process and greater circulatory difficulty will be seen as more and more fat is being stored there. For better understanding, look at the figure below:

  The amount of lymphocytes is different in people with a tendency to be thin, and it has less in people with a tendency to be obese has more. But not because they are lean mean you will have less cellulite! As it will swell stocking fat septa, but their insertion points below the skin do not give, but rather by the skin be more elastic.

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