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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How Manual Lymphatic Drainage Helps With Cellulite - Joey Atlas Reviewa

Manual lymphatic drainage has several objectives: Information Shared By Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Program (

- Detoxify the body to help in the elimination of accumulated liquids; - Activate the immune system; - Acts as an analgesic in the postoperative period.

 This is indicated for the improvement in both health and aesthetic.
Corporal - alerts lymphatic drainage are: - Edema, varicose veins, poor circulation, sensation of heavy legs - Edema of pregnancy - lymph edema of the arm (post-mastectomy) 
Relief of premenstrual disorders - cellulite, localized fat - sinusitis, rhinitis, migraines 
In postoperative recovery and cosmetic surgery (such as liposuction) and oenological situations (with medical indication in both situations)
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Provides better looking skin and improves acne and Cellulite problems.
 Tiredness and stress has also the objective of delay aging, because the cellular tissues benefit from a waste disposal allowing them to better absorption of nutrients.
Every massage has a relaxing and soothing action giving a pleasant feeling of numbness throughout the body.

Though the benefits are many, one must take into account some very important contraindications and avoid in cases of: - Heart failure and renal
Trumbo phlebitis - Erysipelas - Contagious Diseases - Cancer evolving - Asthma - Hypertension Manual lymphatic drainage allows us to experience through a gentle massage as deep relaxation in the body, draining toxins and at the same time a great mental tranquility.

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