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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How Fluid Harms Cellulite? - Truth About Cellulite Scam

Fluid RetentionDo not let harm your silhouette. Get rid of it now!
Heaviness in the legs, swollen hands, swelled abdomen, cramps, palpitations, malaise. These are some of the physical symptoms that accompany fluid retention, a problem that affects a good portion of the female population. Explore the origins and ways to overcome this problem.
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In a normal situation, so that body fluids are at the right levels, the body begins to function a complex hormonal mechanism in order to facilitate their balance. 

 That's why drinking more water than is supposed does not hurt because the kidneys eliminate the leftover liquid in the urine through the sweat glands However, when some of the mechanisms involved in this equilibrium failure occurs retention.  At its origin, can be different types of factors, including:

1) Factors organic
Some kidney and liver diseases cause fluid retention, as well as circulation problems. In this case, the retention appears because of the circulation of blood and lymphatic return, which causes the liquid seal between the cells of the soft tissues relaxation.
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