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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Avoid Unnecessary Stress Of The Lumbar Spine - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

The reduced range of motion allows you to work with considerable weights and good loading the rectos abdominal muscles, avoid unnecessary stress of the lumbar spine.
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Twisting on the block - Very comfortable and quite effective exercise without putting a strain on the spine can be used in both the developing and the modes are worked.

Twisting lying:
Simple and affordable exercise. The athlete lies on the mat with legs slightly bent, feet are not fixed; force abdominal muscles raises the body, moving from the "lying" to "sitting". Developmental effect that exercise can have only the initial stage of training, ranging from an average level of training, can be used as worked out. 
There is a more complex version of the exercise, with the feet on the bench, f. 78. Bench height must be such as to recline horizontally tibia and femur in a vertical position. At the start of the body lies on the mat, hands behind his head on the mat; movement begins with a sharp throw-send hands up and down, followed by the torso.

Minimize the distance between the torso and thighs, try to stay for half a second in this position, then return to the "lying". Exercise increases pallidness rectums abdominal.

Side torso lifts - complicated, but really effective exercise for the development of the oblique abdominal muscles. Athlete lying on a bench (e.g. bench press), in a side position, that is relying on the bench side of the legs and pelvis, torso is in vise, without support; legs ankles fixed belt or partner.
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