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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Manual Lymphatic Drainage For Cellulite Reduction - Truth About Cellulite

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Get to know this method which benefits the body and mind
Manual Lymphatic Drainage The lymphatic system consists of capillaries, vessels, ducts and lymph nodes and it also part of the tonsils, thymus and spleen.

     The liquid flowing in the lymphatic’s and lymph called have an identical plasma concentration, except for the low protein concentration.
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    The lymphatic system performs three main functions: 1 - carries vital substances into the bloodstream, in its most proteins that escape the capillaries with the accumulated interstitial fluid.    

        2 - Protection against invading pathogens and other substances in two ways: a) by the action of macrophages that phi coyotes and digest the "invaders"
 b) The immune response of specialized cells that make antibodies or cells that inactivate the invading agent in other ways.
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   3 - Absorption of lipids Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage technique developed by the Danish physician Emil Dodder in 1932, whose aim is to stimulate the lymphatic system to work at a faster pace, leading to lymph to the lymph
By this process are eliminated excess liquid and toxins.

        Movements applied consist of lightweight, soft, rhythmic and precise pressures, shaped circular and spiral straight towards the lymph nodes and does not use any cream and not hurt.
It is very important to differentiate manual lymphatic drainage massage aesthetic that is made with oils or creams and whose pressures are very strong, and its main effect the circulatory and lymphatic not level.

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