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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Leg Lifts with Rotation - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

Leg lifts with rotation - To perform this exercise required the boards or any other device that allows you to "hang" between two parallel stops. Turning feet away from the projectile and leaning with his elbows on the bars, hang so that the feet are not touching the floor, feet together bend their knees and lift your thighs are parallel to, and shin - perpendicular to the floor. From this position, turn the torso and legs to the right. Repeat with the left turn.

"Twisting" with turning  - Effort of the abdominal muscles, lifting your shoulders off the floor and lift the body toward the feet, but do not try to touch the forehead, thighs or belly. Simultaneously with the rise slightly rotate the torso to the right. Next Repeat does with turning left.
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"Twisting" on a bench with a downward slope - For this exercise will require an incline bench. Lie back on the bench, bend your knees and move your feet under the palm hands under his head, elbows apart. Force abdominal muscles begin to lift your upper body and pull it to the side lap.

"Twisting" on the block - Choose a weight with which you can do 25 reps. Kneel facing the block device, grasp the handle unit and begin to pull it down while bending to the floor. Abdominals should be in constant tension. Slowly return to starting position.

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