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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Topical Muscular Pain Syndrome Complex Causes And Treatment - Kyle Leon

Yes, it is the disease complex, and the reason is puzzled scientists in dealing with this disease in terms of knowledge of the causes and treatment; where you wake up the patient's syndrome pain localized complex, also called the disease, the pain exhausted not ignorant and do not go away, it's case has baffled doctors after they were unable to in determining the causes of the disease and methods of treatment, and the disease usually affects the arm or hand or foot and sometimes occurs after a minor injury, such as trauma, but often without showing any symptoms or warning.
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 According to the index used by doctors to measure the levels of pain when their patients with the mysterious disease ranks high on the severity of the pain, scoring 45 degrees out of 50 is the degree of pain the most, and thus the pain of the disease new found most of the pain of the situation and the amputation of a member of the body, and can infect illness of any person in any place and at any time, and the person of the disease in children as young as two years, while the likelihood of injury to women by more than four times the likelihood of injury to the man. And is currently using different methods of treatment with varying degrees of success, including injection in the muscles and give the dope of the spinal cord and different forms of psychotherapy and hypnosis, and studied by researchers at the National Institute of American neurology and stroke, new ways to treat the disease, but it is now agreed that early treatment, within three months of the onset of symptoms, is the most effective so far.

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