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Monday, 3 March 2014

Lose Weight and Kill Cellulite with Pleasure - Truth About Cellulite Review

Fernando Porous, the doctor Porto that has helped many famous, tells you how to achieve the ideal weight evenly. Despite having devoted much of my professional life to sports medicine, was at the Health Center of San Pedro ad Cove, where he also worked, I discovered my vocation ".
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'The cases of obesity that beat me at the door were many and serious, and that gave me satisfaction to see these men and women lose extra pounds. Which stole their health, good mood and self-esteem, ruined their marriage or prevented them from getting a job, was so great that I began to deepen the subject and devote myself entirely to this public health problem that are obesity and Cellulite?

This is how the doctor Porous Fernando, assistant general practitioners graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, introduces the central theme of his book’
The Joy of Weight loss', National Sales Champion for several weeks and mood for the interview follows.
Why do we gain weight and What Causes Cellulite?According to the "Truth About Cellulite" Program by Joey Atlas, There are several causes for the accumulation of weight. However, I say that the problem may have multiple parents, but always have a common mother.
The food!
We gain weight because we are more sedentary.

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