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Thursday, 13 March 2014

What causes knee joint pain and numbness leg Muscle? - Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Send us by a member and says, was the age of 42 years, and I have some pain in the knee joint right hand outside, this pain comes to me intermittently with numbness in constant leg muscle higher detailed by pain, with numbness permanent toe ring any finger, which precedes the little finger, what causes and what treatment?

Answer this question, consultant orthopedic surgery at, and head of departments, saying, symptoms mentioned by the reader's mostly due to pressure on a nerve that feed the lower limb. It usually occurs this pressure in the spine as a result of pressure a cartilage (JG) on a nerve or tightness in the course of the nerve, and be sure of the diagnosis examination. Clinical exact, where the doctor examines the intensity of feeling of the skin in the areas of man's different, and examines the strength of the muscles of the foot, and in the.
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Sometimes you may have a doctor to ask for some research to make sure of the reason for such action MRI on the spine or the work of connection fee nerves to determine the position of the pressure accurately in preparation for treatment, and are treating the majority of cases precautionary without resorting to surgery through medicines and instructions given by the doctor to the patient, and in the proportion of small fraction of patients are resorting to surgery to remove pressure from the nerve and have it in the few cases that have not been cured or preventive treatment in cases where severe pressure on the nerve, so that causes muscle weakness or a lack of a sense of certain areas of the skin.
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