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Monday, 24 March 2014

Permanent and Pulsating Modes for Cellulite Removal - Truth about Cellulite

In his Program Truth about Cellulite Joey Atlas says, Permanent and pulsating modes allow rolling of these spheres affect the skin in two ways:
•    Rotation of beads creates a vacuum; the power of influence depends on the selected mode.
•    These spheres knead the skin like hands of the masseur. Joey Atlas Review on Truth about Cellulite says, Dermotoniya helps improve the skin due to the intensification of the following processes: 
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•    Unlocking tissues.
•    Improving lymphatic drainage.
•    Increased intensity of metabolic processes.
•    Stimulation of lipolysis.
•    Detoxification.
•    Normalization of blood circulation in the treated area.

Features and Benefits - Skin is not only the largest organ, but also contains the maximum number of reflex zones. During dermotoniya positive impact is not only on those portions which are processed, but also on the whole body. Activates nerve endings and, as a result, improves overall health and mood of the client.

The second positive aspect – Joey Atlas, it is a painless procedure. People, who have passed at least one course of dermotoniya, compare their feelings with a sense of relaxation in the spa. Each unit is used for this manipulation has several nozzles (for different parts of the body and face) and can operate in different modes in their intensity:
•    Easy absorption - used for the purpose of reflexology.
•    Continuous suction - perform massage.
•    Pulsating suction normalization and revitalization functioning lymph nodes.

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