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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cellulite on the Stomach may Arise from Abnormalities - Joey Atlas

Cellulite on the stomach may arise from abnormalities of cellular metabolism, accumulation of excess fluid in the skin cells, and fat cells. From Joey Atlas Program, The Truth about Cellulite Review, The cause of Cellulite in the abdomen occurs due to the fact that the surface of the fat cells in a given area is a large number of receptors at low amount. As a result of this distribution in inappropriate cellular metabolism is the accumulation of fat cells, which leads to formation of cellulite in the abdomen.
Causes - Identify the following factors that are causes of cellulite on stomach:
•    Diseases of internal organs, which are accompanied by inflammation of the skin surface at locations painful lesions
•    Frequent human experience stressful situations
•    Heredity, genetic predisposition
•    Female hormones, which are responsible for the formation of fatty deposits in the chest, thighs and buttocks
•    Low physical load on the body leads to stagnation in cells and joints
•    Smoking and other bad habits
•    Surgery, including liposuction, which resulted in damage to the lymphatic system of the human body
•    Violation of the art anti-cellulite massage
•    Lymphatitis
•    Overweight and obesity (usually male cellulite)
•    Pregnancy
•    Cellulite on the stomach may occur under the influence of several factors, and their number depends on the speed of development of the disease.
If the skin under your fingers rough, covered with tubercles, it means there is cellulite.

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