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Friday, 21 February 2014

Vitamin "E" Help Alleviate The Chronic Inflammation

 A recent scientific study has proved conducted by U.S. researchers at the University of Illinois in the United States, that the chemical properties of the antioxidant vitamin E helps to clearly reduce the severity of chronic inflammation experienced by many patients.
The researchers said, that half the of the human body consists weight of muscles, therefore, the chronic inflammation of the muscles, including the existing when the parties could lead to bodily harm harmless, This study is the first research conducted in the laboratory to determine the effects of giving vitamin E on responses topical in the muscles of the body and the heart.

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The researchers tested vitamin E on a group of mice to see if it has the same effects on the body's muscles, heart, and research scholars effects before giving vitamin E to the mice, which were given an injection recently to a low dose to stimulate the creation of severe infections, and compared the effects groups compared with no treatment.

The researchers said they gave the mice vitamin E for three days before being injected quantities to cause bacterial infections slim, in addition to the search for cytokines, was interested in the research on the amounts of muscle proteins oxidized.
The study noted a decrease in the amounts of proteins for vitamin E treatment group compared to the non-treatment group, and if the researchers were able to reduce the levels of oxidized proteins, it will be a companion to increase muscle strength.

The researchers found a significant decrease of the two cytokines in the group treated with vitamin E group compared with non-treatment, arguing that the benefit of vitamin E for people with chronic infections, such as patients with type II diabetes or heart failure patients. "

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