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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Errors from chronic dietary

Errors from chronic dietary
All chronic dietary According to Martini Bevan frequently resorted to two ways to do this: either dramatically reduced energy intake (and begin doubly sports), or strictly exclude from your diet all carbohydrates. "
The approach carbohydrate restriction works lately to be very popular Duve diet, but getting your body in a state of so-called 'ketosis'.
During ketosis will run out of energy reserves - glycogen in the liver and the body of man enters low-power - generating energy only from protein and fat.
Subsequently degrades own muscles.
The weight is therefore decreasing, but According to John Barban the author of Venus Factor Scam, instead of fat mass is mainly by muscle wasting and water, thus threatening dehydration, "explains Martina
All of these constraints, in addition to chronic dietary resort that concerns the limits for a period of time, as a kind of fight, after which you will be able to indulge again
Successful weight loss is based the exact opposite approach: permanent change in lifestyle, which, of course, you also need to limit (cannot be in your pocket, it goes without limitation), but at least, and you do not actually like.
Secret proper motivation
For chronic dietary is also a big problem in motivation. First, they want to establish a permanent change to the temporary steps, both in its strict scheduling absolutely count failure to appear, however. Because the count with him and do not plan to do with it, they start to binge overeating and yo-yo effect in the world.

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