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Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Grape that Destroys Malignant Tumors - Darwin Smith Review

"This effect in opposite directions shows that the cure for the grapes have contradictory aspects, and will only succeed if applied according to individual cases."
Darwin Smith Review
, author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots recalls that "Nature is an exact science and when we work in harmony with the laws of nature, we got precious results, while the opposite occurs with traditional medicine, introducing poisons in body super eve ado now.”
According to her, besides the organic sugar, grape contains provides important formative elements of the body, which is why the new tissues are formed with extraordinary stiffness under exclusive diet of grapes.

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Science, however, cannot tell which elements contained in the grape that destroys malignant tumors.
We know that is rich in potassium salts, and maybe it can be related to its ability to cure cancer, since the person with the disease has a marked deficiency of these salts.
Cosmic MagnetismRich in iron, the grape also has a vital relationship with protein base of the protoplasm of the cells, always ready to repair frayed, acting as trainer muscle meat element.
It is curious to note that each strand of the vine, for example, is alive deposit of cosmic magnetism and its leaves, containing several lobes, absorb the vital essences of air and sun.
Because it contains abundant water used to clean the body, and the fan of the grape cure should take as much water as desired.
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