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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Does Drinks Help in Slimming or Weight Loss? - Muscle Maximizer Review

Posted reader says: I am a girl I am 27 years old, and since the year and a half was adulteries 95 kilometers and after my followers diet lost about twenty-five kilograms, and became committed adultery 70 kilometers, but I unfortunately began to gain more weight again, and is now 79 kilometers and in some questions, namely:
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The first question: I drink tea for slimming, but I am tired, and now you have to change much to the other type, would have a negative impact bad, or can I rely on it in the weight loss?

Second question: I started dieting a week ago, and am based on one type of food, but I did not lose only one kilogram, and I want to follow another system to help me lose more weight.
Answer this question, Specialist obesity and thinness, a member for the Study of Obesity, a member of the American Society of obesity, saying: "For the type of tea that you ask for the reader, it is of good varieties, which do not cause adverse effects bad on the body, and could be used in weight loss at a rate of only two to a cup a day."
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Also advise her to follow the diet next and consists of:
Toast the age of 2 + boiled egg + cheese spoon + power + cup ginger lemon
Choose two days of each choice
4 tablespoons rice + vegetables Mushroom + Mushroom Soup
4 tablespoons Pasta + salad + grilled liver slice
Cheese salad with pepper and thyme + a loaf of age
4 tablespoons bean + dish salad or slaw salad with diet Guava.


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