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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Scrub and Massage For Cellulite Removal - Joey Atlas Review

Scrub and massage for cellulite removal - For starters, before making wraps cellulite, you need to prepare your skin for that it needs to be cleaned with a scrub. Best before these go to the shower and make a home cellulite massage, it can be simple procedures rubbing and kneading hands. According to Joey Atlas Review, You can also do massage with a special brush, this brush with natural bristles and a comfortable long handle. Do this you only need to massage a dry brush and dry skin; otherwise it will stretch the skin. Free Truth About Cellulite Report:
  Motion in this case must be circular and bottom-up, do it for 5-7 minutes, or on the skin can cause irritation, and then you can go in the shower. Now you are ready to spray scrub. Apply it very calm, circular motions. From According to Joey Atlas Review, you can purchase a special body scrub, but you can cook it at home yourself.

Salt scrub: Mix honey and natural sea salt, pre-shredded.
Sugar Scrub: Mix brown or regular sugar with olive oil and for the effect of aromatherapy can be added to a mixture of vanilla.
Oatmeal scrub: Mix honey with crushed cereal.
After the massage, scrub and clean the skin can safely proceed to the most anti-cellulite wrapping
Wraps cellulite - In order to make homemade wrapping you need, food film, a mixture of wrapping and shorts, they can be special or just a very warm, also according to your wishes can be useful as a warm blanket.
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