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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Anti-Cellulite Is No Longer Impossible: Five Tips To Get Rid Of Them

The cellulite problem plaguing most women with very few effective treatments, but there are some easy tips that will help you combat this problem, introduce you to "Elaph".
Beirut: Cellulite may constitute an aesthetic disaster for many women who are trying to fight it. But unfortunately those effective treatments are few and expensive.
"Elaf" offers you five tips will help you get rid of the Cellulite "orange skin" or at least reduce it.

- Check with your diet: Avoid soft drinks, fat and sugar, because they are responsible for the formation of cellulite. Eat more fruits and vegetables and you'll see the results soon.

- Re organize your wardrobe: tight clothing may be exciting, but interfere with blood circulation, exposing the body to the risks and causes of cellulite, especially to poor circulation hinder cleaning body treatments.

- Cellulite scrub vigorously: When Hot Tub, try rubbing the areas with cellulite sponge squeezed. For best results, GO from hot to cold water every 3-4 minutes.

- Exercise: You need to exercise a few minutes a day to maintain the consistency of your body. You can practice aerobics or movements tighten hips and stomach.

- Sauna: sauna is very useful for cleaning the body of toxins, and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

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